Taku's tenacious super hydroelectric energy surplus hypothesis

Taku's tenacious super hydroelectric energy surplus hypothesis.


It is using most or all the megawatt electricity produce by the hydroelectric power plant to run super powerful behemoth heaters to build a wealthy dose of steam which run the steam turbines which spines the powerful generators to produce hundreds of gigawatt of clean energy, this will flush-out the 11% electric energy produce by nuclear reactors worldwide. Iran and Nigeria won't have to switch to nuclear reactors before crossing their maximum electric energy towers (M.E.E.T). NB: The Three Gorge Dam isn't the world's lone marvel, if you come to think of using her 22500megawatt produce by her 32 generators, which ought to be considering like a primitive source of electric energy (P.S.O.E) from each hydroelectric plant that a nation has. In order to stop nuclear electric energy from dirtying our planet. For instance the 22500megawatt OF CHINA if burnt by some type of highly powerful behemoth heaters which replace Uranium-fueled in producing clean super steam through highly amplified steam turbine to run more that 1024 bunch of Francis turbine which fed the generators with excess spinning capacities then china or any nation can enjoy eternal electric energy (E.E.E.E)excesses just through one mega dam since china will enslave the three gorge dam 22500megawatt multiply from her 1024 generators to produce 23040000megawatt or more than 500000terawatt.Thewater for the stream could be collected from the dam or nearby stream if disperse. Steam maybe recycles through cooler. If all the energy from hydroelectric power plants in the USA is tape into highly efficient heaters it will surely outrun all the hydroelectric power plants generators (including the X-NUCLEAR GENERATORS) in the world by a factor of ten, thereby boosting USA clean energy above 1000000terawatt before 2024. Arrogant Energy.Inc. Sirs this isn't a bunch of marlakey, it is doable


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